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BJJ Basics Escaping Side Control

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Ante Dzolic's new Escaping Side Control is one of the most comprehensive instructional sets ever filmed on escaping the position. Just like in his previous DVD sets, Ante explores this position in amazing detail including escapes to the knees/standing position, guard recoveries, reversals, grips, strategies and more. The set will expand your perspective on get ups, guard recovery and reversal opportunities in addition to showing you how to connect specialized sequences to "The Fundamentals". Ante starts out by breaking down the fundamentals of escaping side control with his patented step-by-step, detail oriented teaching style. Ante then moves into more specialized situations and sequences that will either get you out of side control or, when defended, will make your opponent much more vulnerable to a bread and butter fundamental escape (Like a guard recovery). The series then transitions to learning to escape from the most common positions your partner will transition to, such as modified Kesa Gatame, and the most common tactics you'll face. The series ends with answering some of the most common problems that arise for practitioners when they work to escape side control. The entire series is comprised of 2 Discs and runs 2 hours and 38 minutes. There is so much information in these videos we could not fit all the chapters in the allotted space in the description. Please review the images for chapter lists.