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Fairtex HG13 Full Coverage Headguard HeadGear Helmet Boxing Head Guard Thai Boxing K-1 MMA Head Gear Guard Protective Muay Thai (Black White, Large)

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Black White
  • Manufacturer:
Product Features
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Made from 100% Thai leather
  • Ideal for Muay Thai
  • Full Coverage Headguard
  • Weight : 580 g.
Product Description
Fairtex HG13 Diagonal Vision Headguard. Full Coverage Headguard. Focuses on Diagonal Vision, so this headguard provides perfect clear vision. Completely safe with head cover to protect axe kick, elbow and knee. Hard outside but soft inside for maximum comfort. Curved and padded chin protector to avoid injury to your throat and for maximum comfort. The choice of pro Muay Thai fighters, trainers and gym owners worldwide, the Fairtex Head Guard Full Coverage are built to last and take the punishment of the toughest Muay Thai, boxing and MMA training sessions. For years Fairtex Muay Thai head gear have been tried and tested in Muay Thai Boxing gyms throughout Thailand and the world. This is the next evolution of Fairtex most popular Headgear.  It offers a great balance between coverage, visibility, and weight.  This new version features increased padding, while not sacrificing any of the lightweight design that has kept our Headgear so popular. Truly one of the best Headgear available anywhere. Comprehensive coverage to help prevent injury with ears, cheeks and chin protection. Feature more padding on forehead, cheek and back strap while maintaining nice and clear vision. Feature more curve on chin protector to comfort your throat and add wind shield on ear protector for more safety and simulate real fight amateur competition. Soft inside but hard outside for maximum comfort. Special multi-layered high-density foam core for maximum protection and shock absorbent. Handmade in Thailand.