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Tiger Claw - Dragon Head Kwan Dao by Tiger Claw

  • This Kwan Dao has a beautifully cast solid brass Dragon Head fittings.
  • The blade measures 24" in length and has a steel tip base 9.5" in...
  • Top quality shows proud of workmenship. Perfect (balanced) weight...

Stainless Steel Dragon Head Guan Dao by BLP

  • Triangle Bottom
  • Stainless steel guan dao
  • Dragon Head



Black Dragon Naginata by By The Sword, Inc.

  • Oriental Sword
  • 63.25" Overall
  • Naginata With Black Traditional War Blade

Dragon Head Kwan Dao by Original S.W.A.T.
Tiger Claw Wushu Steel Kwandao by Tiger Claw

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