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Bobags Martial Arts Big for Carrying Staff/Sword/Sai/Kama/Tonfa/Escrima (60) by Bobags

  • Durable construction including bust-proof single panel bottom
  • Note: No weapons are included with this product
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for youth and adult sizing


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Tang Soo Do Katas

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Taekwondo Home study program

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Kung Fu Weapons: Chain Whip

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Cane Fighting

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  • San Jacinto College students excel at international karate tournament

    03/24/16 ,via Your Houston News

    In addition to Kata and Kumite, other categories included Kobudo (weapon), Individual Kata, Team Kata, Individual Kumite, Team Kumite, and Individual Kobudo. Karate weapons featured in the tournament included Tonfa, Bo, Jo, Nunchaku and Sai.

  • Ancaster Karate Club

    08/26/15 ,via Hamilton Spectator

    The Butoku-Kai classes offered at Ancaster Karate include Karate, Aikido, Jujitsu, Tai Chi , Pagua as well as Classical Weaponry featuring six-foot, four-foot, and two-foot staffs, tonfa, sai, and dragon sticks. Belts are divided up in the traditional

  • Eleven martial arts students achieve new ranks

    06/17/15 ,via Chetekalert

    They each earned their black belts in traditional Okinawan weaponry by showing their skills with the bo, tonfa, nunchaku, and sai. Also testing were Tom Kutrieb and Ryan Hayes, of Chetek. They were promoted to second degree black belts in traditional 

  • Spring City Karate celebrates 40 years

    12/05/14 ,via The Phoenix

    Benfield notes the difference between his school and other local schools is that the other schools focus on the business and basic karate, such as balance, punching, blocking, kicking and free fighting. Martial Arts clubs start with the basics, but

  • Cocoa Beach to Host World Karate Event |

    07/15/13 ,via

    “We are honored to host this event and to honor this great karate master,” said school sensei Des Chaskelson. Takayoshi Nagamine visited Cocoa beach in 2011 and conducted seminars attended by karate practitioners from all over North America. The event 


Karate Tonfas & Sai - Total Martial Art Supplies - Martial ...

A Selection of Karate Tonfas & Sai on Total Martial Art Supplies. Featured products. Black Tonfa Case with Zipper

Weapons - Tonfa & Sai - Uruwashii Kan Karate Home Page

south bend parks recreations indiana uruwashii kan karate kobudo dojo thacker max sensei ... Weapons - Tonfa & Sai. ... our tonfas are rounded and taper at the ends.

tonfas karate | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ...

Find great deals on eBay for tonfas karate sai. Shop with confidence. - tonfa or sai

... Shotokan Karate . Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2003 8:29 am Post subject: tonfa or sai: ... and then you could fight them away. My personal choice would be the tonfas, ...

Sai Tonfa Kama - Welcome to

Sai Kama Tonfa Kama, Sai and Tonfa are traditional Okinawan martial arts weapons used in both offensive and defensive maneuvers. They are normally used and sold in pairs.

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Mark Lee Jaime Googan Mark Lee Real World Combat & Fitness Drimoleague West Cork Martial Arts for Children
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Tonfa - Martial Arts Tonfas - tong fa
Tonfa - Martial Arts Tonfas - tong fa
Century Polypropylene Sai Sword Bokken Practice, Bokkens, Wood Swords ...
Century Polypropylene Sai Sword Bokken Practice, Bokkens, Wood Swords ...
These traditional sais are well balanced and made of chrome plated ...
These traditional sais are well balanced and made of chrome plated ...
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