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Mastro Defense System Seminar Instructional Series Volume 1 by Martial Science Media

  • Learn to protect yourself with 8 conditioning drills and 18...


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Krav Maga: Defence Against Guns [DVD]

  • Dubbed: French, German, Polish, Spanish


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Art of the Sash - Volume 2

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  • Austintown Community Briefs

    04/15/16 ,via Youngstown Vindicator

    Master Park, president and head grandmaster of Master Park Martial Arts International, has been training in Oriental Martial Arts for more than 50 years and has been instructing men, women, children, military, police, many sports teams and companies in

  • How to use high heels for self-defence

    11/15/15 ,via Hamilton Spectator

    The instructional website Howcast has posted videos about using heels in self-defence (this being 2015, the iPhone is also a potential weapon). And Jennifer Cassetta, 39, a personal trainer in Los Angeles and a third-degree black belt in hapkido, began

  • Raising cane for safety

    09/26/14 ,via San Antonio Express-News

    Manuals and DVDs also are available at Unlike many martial arts, such as karate, Cane Masters Charles Walbourn began taking cane-defense classes with Lobo several years ago after seeing a TV news segment about a World War II

  • Kali Jenes Tercemar Limbah Pewarna Batik

    06/21/13 ,via SoloBlitz

    SOLO – Walikota Solo, FX Hadi Rudyatmo menyayangkan banyaknya limbah air pewarna batik yang di buang ke sungai. Ia berencana memanggil para pengusaha batik terkait permasalahan ini. Persoalan ini terungkap saat walikota beserta Badan 

  • Boxing Illustrated Names Boxing Legend Sterling McPherson Editor

    Margate Entertainment, LLC distributes a video library of more than 10,000 classic sports and TV titles, as well as produces new versions of classic programming in sports, drama, entertainment, and music. Through its Max Cat Records label, it

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  • Release Dates & Artwork (Blu-ray, DVD & Video Games)

    In this section, we present all the latest cover artwork for upcoming Blu-ray, DVD and Video Game releases, organized in a handy street date calendar format! Clicking on each cover image will take you to the pre-order page for that title (at ...

  • Hapkido Techniques vs. Front Kicks From Multiple Ranges

    Enter sixth-degree black-belt Han Woong Kim, who teaches Jang Mu Won hapkido, the fighting system founded by his father, Black Belt Hall of Fame inductee Chong S. Kim. Like all Jang Mu Won black belts, the junior Kim is a master of kick defense.

  • List of Hapkido Kicks with Instructions & Videos

    The information on these pages and videos are meant to reinforce and supplement the instruction given at your Hapkido classes. To properly understand these techniques, you need to learn them from a Hapkido instructor who can provide you with an in-depth ...


Sin Moo Hapkido - Grandmaster Ji Han Jae

Sin Moo Hapkido is a Martial Art that was founded in the United Stated in 1984 by Grandmaster Ji, Han Jae. Sin Moo Hapkido incorporates a ...

Combat Hapkido Black Belt Program -HD DVD Set - $179.00 ...

IDSA Online Store! Combat Hapkido Black Belt Program -HD DVD Set - COMBAT HAPKIDO BLACK BELT HD-DVD SERIES BLACK BELT PROGRAM - DVD SET 1 - 5 The IDSA is proud to ...

Scott Shaw Hapkido DVD | Scott Shaw

Scott Shaw's Instructional DVD Series on Hapkido Click on the Title or the Cover for more information and to purchase your copies. Hapkido Part 1: The Foundational ...

Combat Hapkido Academy

In this Combat Hapkido Library package you will receive: "Combat Hapkido - The Martial Art for the Modern Warrior" "Combat Hapkido - Intelligent Self Defense"

DVD Library

DVD Library DSI, Inc. is proud to offer you the opportunity to learn and teach Combat Hapkido, the fastest growing, most realistic and effective Self Defense System ...

Hapkido Instructional DVD Discount cheap Martial Arts supplies ...
Hapkido Instructional DVD Discount cheap Martial Arts supplies ...
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RS-0640 Hapkido Korean Karate DVD Master Kwang Sik Myung instructional ...
RS-0640 Hapkido Korean Karate DVD Master Kwang Sik Myung instructional ...

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