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BUDO SAGA Pearl Pink Wushu Shoes for Chinese Kung Fu (43) by BUDO SAGA

  • Soft Textile Lining For Comfort
  • Imported
  • Classic Chinese Kungfu Indoor Shoes


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BJSFXDKJYXGS Leather Tai Chi Shoes Martial Arts Kung fu Shoes Chi Kung Shoes Martial Arts Boxing Shoes (Black, US10//EUR45//Foot Length27.5CM) by BJSFXDKJYXGS

  • Rubber Sole Kung Fu Shoes power pivot gives added traction & always...
  • Check you size carefully in the size chart(last product...
  • Providing maximum traction for ultimate performance The tread is...

Unisex Adults Breathable Comfort Chinese Tai-Chi Wu Shu Kung Fu Shoes Basic Style for Daily Training Morning Exercises Black 43 by Shaoyao

  • Please note: Please compare chart size and foot length carefully...
  • Heel type: Oxford sole is soft, elastic and strong grip
  • Outer material: breathable, lightweight and wear-resistant,...

WESING Martial Arts Shoes for Tai Chi Kung Fu Training Footwear Wushu Shoes by W WESING

  • Approved by Chinese Wushu Association, suitable for Martial Arts,...
  • Handmade cotton sewing insole provides better feeling while daily...
  • Microfiber leather makes these Martial Arts shoes soft, breathable...


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OSdream Canvas Kung Fu Shoes (White, 46 (US Men 12))

  • Material: canvas
  • Lightweight shoes, is exercise, jogging, the best choice for...
  • Provides maximum traction for ultimate performance,Durable canvas...

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  • Sulaimani martial arts center offers Kung Fu training

    05/03/16 ,via NRT

    SULAIMANI — The Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center in the Kurdish city of Sulaimani is the only one of its kind in the Middle East, with thousands of people learning the Chinese martial art in the past few years. Burhan Kamil Mohammed prides himself in

  • The Mainstream Still Doesn't Know Strength Training Beats Running. Why?

    04/01/16 ,via PJ Media

    Simple fact is that humans were biomechanically adapted to running barefoot without shoes for hundreds of thousands of years. And it's noteworthy that when the jogging craze first became a fad back in the 70's, instead of helping runners- it was the 

  • Fight video features one spear, two women and a lot of mindblowing moves

    03/23/16 ,via Daily Mail

    The insane skills of these Wushu warrior women of Wuhan will leave your jaw on the floor. In an impeccable, and a little frightening, display the martial artists perform a beautiful exhibition of the sport at a contest in East China, with one using a

  • Read an excerpt and see an exclusive photo from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

    12/08/15 ,via Entertainment Weekly

    Like the film, the novel is based on the Crane Iron Pentalogy, a five-part martial arts book series by Chinese author Wang Du-Lu, whose works have never been translated into English. According to the . Felt shoes, a rush jacket, silver coin, her swords.

  • The other superheroes are coming, too

    04/04/16 ,via

    The film's success is no doubt reassuring for other movies of the genre in store this year, bringing a new breed of superheroes to screens with dark, complex characters who are a far cry from the slick image of the genre's pioneers. In Suicide Squad

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  • Shaolin kungfu seeks to strike a blow for Chinese soccer

    Sun's class of 12-year-olds wore red jackets emblazoned "Shaolin" and the canvas-style shoes favoured by practitioners of Chinese martial arts, known as wushu. They cartwheeled from one side of the pitch to another, before assembling in formation and ...

  • International Kim Loong Wushu Center

    So many claim to know us but how much do they really know? This is straight from us to you. No stories, myths or lies. So many have taken our history and re written our story to provide themselves a legacy at our expense. IKLWC will not run out of teaching ...

  • Shanghai Xinshen Sports Goods Co., Ltd.

    Martial Arts Equipment, Tai Chi, Protecting Things manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Kungfu Taichi Shoes, Tai Chi Wushu Uniform, High Grade PU Leather Boxing Mitten Gloves (QJ2048) and so on.


Wushu Feiyue Shoes | Kudamas

Feiyue was born in Shanghai in the 1950's, to be exact 1959, it is the number one choice of kung fu shoes for shaolin monks and masters. It have a simple, durable ...

Products for Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Shaolin ...

Chinese martial arts refers to the enormous variety of martial art styles native to China. Kung fu (Chinese: 功夫 pinyin: Gōngfu) and wushu (Chinese: 武術) are ..., the martial arts and kung fu Tai Chi ...

Kung Fu is a direct importer of high quality martial arts supplies including Kung Fu, Wushu, Tai Chi , weapons, shoes, videos, swords, martial ...

Wushu (sport) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wushu (A compound of all Chinese traditional Martial Arts) A typical wushu competition, here represented by the 10th All-China Games. Also known as: Kung fu, CMA, WS ...

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A Singapore based resource website containing chinese martial arts related information and developments, wushu, hunyuan, taiji, library archive, videos, images

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bookofjoe: Wushu Shoe
bookofjoe: Wushu Shoe
Qiankun» Wushu Shoes, Golden
Qiankun» Wushu Shoes, Golden
Qiankun» Wushu Shoes, Black
Qiankun» Wushu Shoes, Black

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