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KILLER THROWS, TACKLES & TAKEDOWNS DVD - Single, Double, Body Tackles, and Takedown Variations showing wrestling vs. wrestling and “how to” takedown and throw one who punches, kicks, or knees.

POWER CABLE GUARD PASSES DVD - In this DVD Erik shows you different types of guards, setups, and counters. He then shows you how to use the power cable to increase your guard passing penetration. Bonus Features: Full Speed Application in the Ring and Full Speed preview of the Motion Master & Submission Master Training.

THE MOUNT DVD - The Mount DVD features drills, setups, & methods to achieve this ultimate dominant position. This DVD is very thorough in the attack setups, methods, and retention of this position. This DVD also shows escapes for submission and Vale Tudo when you’re getting punched in the face.

TACKLES, TAKEDOWNS, THROWS & COUNTERS DVD - A competitor series tape based on single leg and low single leg attacks. The second half is countering the shot from punching range and how to counter the tackle from punching range. A must for any submission wrestler or no holds barred fighter or competitor. This video includes not only takedowns from against the ropes, but takedowns from pushing opponent against the ropes.

TAKEDOWNS FROM THE KNEES DVD - These are some drills for takedowns from your knees that will help you stay stable on your knees and keep your balance if you get turned over. Technique Sections: Knee Running, Granby Roll, Rear End Bounce to Base, Butterfly Guard, Bear Crawl, Hip Heist, Sprawl, Coffee Grinder, Collar Tie, Pummelling, Tie Ups, Double Leg Takedown, Ladder Drill, Snap – Head Inside Single, Head Spear, Snap & Tap, Arm Drag, Re-Throw, Side Run, Sumo Pushing, Running Quick Tap, Running Mount, Roll to Triangle, Hip Post to Guard, Roll to Uma Plata and Quick Arm Locks.

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