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The Tao Of Yi Chuan
The Complete Book of Yiquan

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Paperback, Jessica Kingsley Pub, 2015, ISBN13 9781848192256, ISBN10 1848192258


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  • Never Back Down

    04/14/16 ,via News China Magazine

    On February 19, 2016, Chen Man paid a visit to the grave of Lin Yiquan in Santai County, Sichuan Province. A law professor at Southwest University for Nationalities who died in 2003, Li had served as Chen's defense counsel. Chen knelt before his lawyer

  • [Exclusive Interview] Chinese Preacher Helps Burma Refugees at China-Burma Border

    04/15/16 ,via China Christian Daily

    Preacher Piao Yiquan, a Chinese preacher who graduated from North East Theological College in 2012, came to Yunnan after serving in a church in Changchun for one year. One day one of his schoolmates who lives near the Burmese refugee camps called 

  • Shanghai Billionaire Liu Yiqian Adds Brokerage Stake Amid Stock Boom

    05/02/15 ,via Forbes

    Shanghai billionaire Liu Yiqian, known for paying top prices for collectibles such as Chinese ceramic bowls and Tibetan tapestry, last week moved to advance the business empire whose profits underpin his passion for collecting. Changjiang Securities, a 

  • Profile: Liu Yiquan 'the taxi driver turned art collector' who snared a record-breaking Modigliani

    07/21/14 ,via The Independent

    Liu Yiqian, who bought an ancient Chinese cup for a record HK$281m (£19.6m) in April, has received an unexpected bonus: nearly 422 million American Express points. Mr Liu used his Centurion Card to purchase the cup from Sotheby's Hong Kong at 

  • North Korea blocks access to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

    04/01/16 ,via TechCrunch

    In news that is not April 1-related, North Korea has this week begun to block access to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other websites in the country. The AP, which has a bureau in North Korean capital Pyongyang, reports that the government named 


RT @olddragonkungfu: Yiquan: The art of doing nothing and achieving everything 11/23/16, @keengilgreen ,view...
Yiquan: Man I love sitting down on the job... 11/22/16, @olddragonkungfu ,view...
Yiquan: The art of doing nothing and achieving everything 11/22/16, @olddragonkungfu ,view...
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The correct path of Yiquan 11/16/16, @ShoshinBushido ,view...

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  • You Will Never Look at Far East Medicine the Same Again

    Cai Songfang a Taiji master who teaches in Macau, Hong Kong and California. The other 2 masters Han Xingyuan Yu Pengxi of Yiquan. No discussion of internal energy would be complete with a mention of one of the most documented ...


Yiquan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yiquan: Chinese: 意拳: Literal meaning "Mind Boxing" Transcriptions; Standard Mandarin; Hanyu Pinyin: Yìquán ... dacheng quan; Chinese: 大成拳: Literal meaning ...

Yiquan UK web-site

Yiquan (pronounced yee chuan), also known as Dachengquan, was created by Wang Xiangzhai after a lifetime of practice and research into martial arts .

Walter Marek – Institut für Yiquan & Qigong

Yiquan und Qigong Einzelunterricht, Kurse, Seminare und Ausbildung in Wien, Mödling / NÖ. Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und Innere Kampfkunst

posture de l'arbre - association yi quan yvelines

Posture de l'arbre . ZHAN = se tenir debout ZHUANG = pieu, poteau Généralement nommé : Posture de l'arbre aussi appelé yang sheng zhuang (posture pour ...

Yiquan – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Yiquan (I-ch’uan) oznacza boks mentalny, znany jest też jako dachengquan (Ta Ch’eng Ch’uan), czyli styl wielkiego osiągnięcia. Jest jedną z dynamicznie ...

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Yiquan class in Welles Park
Photo by moonux on Flickr
How to Do: Standing Meditation (Yiquan) - Portland Tai Chi Academy
How to Do: Standing Meditation (Yiquan) - Portland Tai Chi Academy
What is Yiquan? - Brighton Yiquan
What is Yiquan? - Brighton Yiquan
Yiquan - 意拳 -
Yiquan - 意拳 -

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