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Lvshan Wudang--Five-element Interlinked Boxing of Wudang by Great Wall Bookstore, Las Vegas
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Latest News

  • Sweetest Moment Of Chinese New Year

    02/02/16 ,via Bangkok Post

    An original Wudang Quan acrobatic show, and a range of Chinese kites and paper-cutting creations from China will be presented during the “” event at Future Park and Zpell shopping complex, Phahon Yothin Road, 

  • Kung fu hustle: How to master martial arts in China

    05/13/15 ,via CNN

    Hubei province's Taoist stronghold of Wudang Mountain is the cradle of taijiquan, a style of martial arts that marries kung fu with Taoist principles, harnessing internal energy and practiced for self defense and health benefits. The mountain range is

  • Learn Fu Style Tai Chi from Grandmaster Victor Fu

    10/08/15 ,via

    As a teenager, he had the fortune to study Tai Chi Chuan from a Chen family Grandmaster Chen Yanxi. Later, he studied with masters of Baguazhang, Wudang Kung Fu, Xing Yi Chuan, external martial arts, and Qigong before he joined the military. Due to his 

  • Mark your calendar for a free Tai Chi & Kung Fu show with multiple styles

    09/28/15 ,via

    This event will showcase Wudang, Chen Style Tai Chi, Yang Style Tai Chi, Sun Style Tai Chi, Fu Style Tai Chi and Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu and more. It will also be the first time that people in the region can meet Wudang Fu Style Grandmaster Victor Fu

  • What I did on my holidays

    Our first test was to find Master Chen's wife Tian, who was to act as our guide. Despite the teeming masses, we found her at our agreed rendezvous. After travelling across the world to be here, Tian led us onto a train – for an 18-hour overnight trip


I liked a @YouTube video WUDANG TAICHI Quan 64 Forms by Master Tian Liyang 11/24/16, @victor_cabrera ,view...

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  • Shanghai's Diverse Martial Arts Scene

    When most people think of martial arts, they imagine secluded temples in the mountains, such as Shaolin or Wudang. However ... practiced by different Masters that we introduce here. Taiji Quan (commonly known as Tai Chi in the West) is practiced in ...

  • Wudang Swimming Dragon Quan

    I am very honored to formally be designated as Sifu Joe Lok's representative in Australia and authorised to teach his unique Phoenix Taiji Qigong system has been a wonderful journey and looking forward to passing on this whollistic Internal martial ...

  • Body and Mind Healing School-Chiang Mai Thailand

    In this clip, Chen Ting-Hung the grand master of our Wudang Tai Chi system, Is demonstrating Taiji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) with it's martial art element.. He named this system Wudang Tai Chi in the 1950's, it is a Tai Chi Chuan style from Hong Kong and it is ...


Wudang quan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In contemporary China, Chinese martial arts styles are generally classified into two major groups: Wudang (Wutang), named after the Wudang Mountains; and Shaolin ...

WUDANG TAICHI Quan 64 Forms by Wudang Master Tian Liyang ...

This is a Wudang TaiChi Quan Form 64 performed by an experienced and well exposed Wudang Master Tian Liyang..Anyway , his performance is certainly ...

WUDANG TAICHI Quan 64 Forms by Master Tian Liyang - YouTube

This Wudang TaiChi (64 Forms) goes so well with is so so calming and soothing relaxing music of Merlin's Magic-The Heart of REIKI , Nature'sBeauty.If you ...

Nuages du Wudang - Taiji Quan et Qigong en Anjou

Inscription aux cours. L’inscription aux cours de Taiji Quan se fait en début de saison L’inscription aux cours de Dao Yin Qigong peut se faire à l’année ou ...

Corsi di Tai Chi Chuan a Padova del Masetro Xu Xin

Finora il Maestro Xu Xin ha insegnato i seguenti stili in Occidente: Taijijian (spada) Tui Shou (applicazione di taiji) Xin Yi Quan (vari stili)

Wudang Taiji Quan | Daoist Gate Wudang Arts
Wudang Taiji Quan | Daoist Gate Wudang Arts
Wudang Traditional Forms\Wudang Internal Forms_ China Wudang Kung Fu ...
Wudang Traditional Forms\Wudang Internal Forms_ China Wudang Kung Fu ...

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