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Bajiquan Foundational Training Vol. 1

  • Authentic traditional training
  • Professional Instruction from a top practitioner
  • English Narration

Mizong Jia: Shaolin Mizong Kung Fu Style, Book & DVD

  • Numerous, oversized color photos provide good breakdown of routine
  • Lu Sifu demonstrates and teaches the entire form on the DVD
  • Thorough English-language instructions match each photograph

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  • The making of a grandmaster

    02/04/13 ,via China Post

    Upon meeting up with his Bajiquan master Wang Shiquan (王世泉), Chang recalled that Wang asked him about his determination. "The master asked me if I truly wanted to learn Bajiquan, or just needed to catch a few moves to make-believe. I answered 'Yes 

  • Wu Tang and the Three Levels of a Martial Artist

    02/03/16 ,via VICE

    Bajiquan is a northern China martial art known for its use of short-ranged elbow and shoulder strikes, and Li was renowned for rejoining the with another northern fighting technique—piguaquan—which utilized palm techniques and a subtler movement in

  • Grapevine: Anniversaries coming and going

    The highlight of the evening was a martial arts display known as Bajiquan by Dr. Tsao-hwa Chi, who is a fourth generation master of Bajiquan, as well as a professional veterinarian. He and his wife specially came to Israel for the occasion. The display

  • Tia Oso, Black Lives Matter events coming to ASU

    10/01/15 ,via

    At ASU, she will be part of a panel discussion in a small room with ASU associate professor H.L.T. Quan and Ransby, who will deliver the keynote lecture in a larger ballroom later that day. Ransby directs the Social Justice Initiative at UIC and is

  • Big Bang, Psy break 100m views

    01/21/16 ,via AsiaOne

    videos breaking 100 million, following "Gangnam Style," "Gentleman," and "Hangover." "Daddy" was one of two lead tracks on Psy's latest album, "PSY 7th Album," released last December. The other lead track was "Napal Baji," which has 21.5 million views.


@SoftestDown — resilient, possibly due to the fact that he had never stopped exercising Baji Quan every day. “Just hang onto me as much — 11/21/16, @AHollowedFool ,view...
This is Baji Quan via @YouTube 11/21/16, @tullisjason5 ,view...
@MelodiousChain It's Baji Quan. Not a very popular martial art, but it's pretty effective once you've mastered it. 11/15/16, @VindictiveLion ,view...

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  • Fighting Tiger – Liberal for PC – Free Download

    Use Special Fighting Styles and Learn Kung Fu. Fighting Tiger – Liberal gets you involved in liberal Kung Fu fighting styles such as Sanda, Chinese boxing and Baji Quan. It also allows you to carry out protean attacks that knock enemies down more ...

  • Fighting Tiger APK FREE Download

    Features include: * Special fighting styles : Liberal Kungfu (Chinese boxing, Sanda, Baji Quan). To knock enemies down with protean attack. * Sensitive and special 3D fighting control system : It’s very easy to control on your mobile device.


Bajiquan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Origins. Baji quan was originally called bazi quan (巴子拳 or 鈀子拳) or "rake fist" because the fists, held loosely and slightly open, are used to strike ...

An Wushu - Baji Quan - YouTube

Learn more about An Wushu - or come train full time in China with us! - at We offer full-time training in Bajiquan, Sanda, Baguazhang ...

Baji Quan MTV - YouTube

Baji quan MTV, Shanxi style ... This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

Shaolin Baji Quan (1 DVD) 少林八極拳 [DW110-19] ♣

Shaolin Baji Quan is one of the excellent routines of Shaolin wushu, its characteristics are imposing, vigorous and fierce, its has six methods of opening such as ...

Baji - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Baji may refer to: Baji (clothing), traditional Korean pant; Baji (food), beaten rice eaten in Nepal; Baji, an upcoming Marathi-language film; Baji Boxing, or ...

wu yao lu bajiquan fuquan bajiquanbajiquankung puquanpuzu
Photo by -crug- on Flickr
wu yao lu bajiquan fuquan bajiquanbajiquankung puquanpuzu
Photo by -crug- on Flickr
wu yao lu bajiquan fuquan bajiquanbajiquankung puquanpuzu
Photo by -crug- on Flickr
... Arts Kung Fu - Da Baji Quan by Grandmaster Liu by tjaturhandayani
... Arts Kung Fu - Da Baji Quan by Grandmaster Liu by tjaturhandayani
Baji Quan (Eight Extremes Chuan) - China culture
Baji Quan (Eight Extremes Chuan) - China culture
nunchuk | Art of Combat:Martial Arts | Pinterest
nunchuk | Art of Combat:Martial Arts | Pinterest
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