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Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong - Traditional Ip Man Wooden Dummy with Complimentary Striking Protective Pads DS009 by AugustaPro

  • Three complimentary striking pads are included.
  • This style of Wooden Dummies come with Wooden Base for use in most...
  • The Body is of 67" in Height; 8" in diameter. The Wooden Dummy arms...



Adjustable Frame Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Brown Color Solid Piece of Wooden dummy for sale WCM005 by wingchunmind

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY FOR ALL PARTS - if you break the wooden arms or...
  • WING CHUN DUMMY BODY ( 56 inch long) is made of 8-inch diameter...


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WUDETON Traditional Tsun Siu Lum Kung FU Wing Chun Stainless Ring Professional Strength Training 10 inch by WU DE TON

  • Weight:0.2kg
  • Frame height Size: outside diameter 9.6"(24.5cm), inside diameter...
  • Material:Stainless


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Wing Chun Stainless Ring Yewen Sau Sticky Hand Strength Training Tsun Siu Lum Kung Fu by JUMPEAK

  • Size: inside diameter 8.3"(21cm) ,thick 0.7"(1.9cm)
  • Material:Stainless
  • Weight:0.2kg


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AugustaPro Wing Chun Dummy - Half Sized Wall Mount Metal Dummy by AugustaPro

  • * Wooden Dummy arms extend 12.6" from the dummy body;The dummy arms...
  • * Half Iron Body is of 21" in Height 6" in diameter
  • * Wall mounting space saver alternative to full Wing Chun Dummy

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