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Traditional Solid Wood Standing Training Dummy Wing Chun Ip Man Martial Art

New Year Giveaway! "Intro To Wing Chun Training Guide"

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Adjustable Frame Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Brown Color Solid Piece of Wooden dummy for sale WCM005 by wingchunmind

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY FOR ALL PARTS - if you break the wooden arms or...
  • SHIPPING FROM CHINA BY FEDEX , Nature Color are available
  • WING CHUN DUMMY BODY ( 56 inch long) is made of 8-inch diameter...

AugustaPro Iron Body Wing Chun Dummy Mook Yan Jong with Hardwood Arms and Leg - Traditional IP Man Wing Chun Dummy-Holiday Sales by AugustaPro

  • Wooden Dummy arms extend 12.6" from the dummy body;The dummy arms...
  • Two complimentary striking pads included
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee; just contact us from the order page...


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ZooBoo Wing Chun Rattan Ring Tsun Siu Lum Kung Fu 9 inch by ZooBoo

  • ★CAREFULLY GRINDING & BUFFING - Durable with a smooth unexposed joint
  • ★PORTABLE & CONVENIENT - Can be easily put in general backpacks and...
  • ★LIGHT WEIGHT - The rattan ring is made of high quality but light...

Wing Chun Kung Fu: The Wooden Dummy

Seller: Walmart US Walmart US

Characterized by economical movements, simultaneous attack and defense hand techniques, and powerful low kicks, Wing Chun Kung Fu is now one of the most popular of the Chinese martial arts. This helpful guidebook addresses the uses of the Muk Yan Jong-more commonly known as the Wooden Dummy form-within the Wing Chun discipline. All of the 116 movements incorporated into Wooden Dummy are covered...

I Sports Striking Hitting Punching Pad for Wooden Wing Chun Dummy

Seller: Walmart US Walmart US by I & I Sports I & I Sports

This Striking Pad is for the Traditional Wooden Wing Chun Dummy and Doorway Dummy and allows you to practice closed fist and other strikes with out physical injury. This pad can affixed to any standard wooden dummy. Constructed of a heavy industrial vinyl shell and dense foam core, this bag is double-stitched along all stress seams and secures in place with two web straps. Color:...

Avery Sporting Dog True Bird ATB Training Dummy, Green-Winged Teal

Seller: Gander Mountain Gander Mountain by Avery Sporting Dog Avery Sporting Dog

The Avery Sporting Dog True Bird is a carbon copy of the mature species its designed to represent. It is specifically designed for the trainer that will use his dog to pick up the real thing or in testing scenarios. With real bird weight and feel its the best training bird ever designed. Will not soak up water. No unpleasant odor. LongThrow Knob for distance and accuracy. Design features demand...


Latest News

  • The DVD Wrapup: Ip Man 3, Lady in the Van, Chainsaw 2, Antonia's Line, Gangster VIP, Dangerous Men, Lamb and ...

    04/22/16 ,via Movie City News

    It wasn't until 2008 that Ip Man, who introduced the Wing Chun technique to Lee 50 years earlier, would be lionized in movies in which the more famous studentLee would be an incidental character. Ip Man 3 marks the end of a trilogy starring Donnie Yen

  • Costco Is Selling Those 'Ip Man' Wooden Kung-Fu Training Dummies in Japan

    01/11/16 ,via Inverse

    Wilson Yip's dramatic Ip Man series is based on the life of Ip Man, the renowned mid-20th century Wing Chun master and teacher of Bruce Lee. The latest installment, Ip Man 3, was released December 24 in Asia. Although the films have not been released 

  • Gravitational waves: Hong Kong scientist involved in breakthrough hopes it will propel his university to greater things

    READ MORE: Gravitational waves for dummies: what are they and why are scientists so excited about them? Li noted that about 90 per cent of the universe remained unknown. But he said the technology used by the worldwide team of scientists could hold 

  • The US wants its THAAD missile system in Asia because of this mobile North Korean weapon

    “It's the relocatable target set that really impedes our ability to find, fix, and finish the threat,” Admiral Bill Gortney, the commander of Norad, told reporters in April 2015. “And as the targets move around and we if don't have the persistent stare

  • Robert Downey Jr.: Martial Arts Master Says Kung Fu Was a Key to Sobriety

    12/25/15 ,via

    Sifu Eric Oram, who teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu, a "Chinese Boxing System," wrote a moving letter in support of Downey's pardon. Oram says when he met the actor 12 years ago, he had little hope for him. Downey had contacted him and wanted to take 


RT @donadulcinea: Young Bruce Lee using a wooden dummy for Wing Chun training #Photo via @Digigrl2 11/24/16, @charles_consult ,view...
Young Bruce Lee using a wooden dummy for Wing Chun training #Photo via @Digigrl2 11/24/16, @donadulcinea ,view...
RT @41Strange: Young Bruce Lee using a wooden dummy for Wing Chun training 11/22/16, @MikeCookAuthor ,view...
The history I was Prince growing up become actor, director, singer training with Wing Chun dummy. Wing Chun dummy make by my hands signature 11/22/16, @seng_prince ,view...
RT @41Strange: Young Bruce Lee using a wooden dummy for Wing Chun training 11/21/16, @sterenly ,view...

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  • Master Wong’s Top 10 Wing Chun moves

    Due to the recent popularity of Ip Man film franchise starring Donnie Yen, as well has the incomparable influence of legendary Bruce Lee, the martial art of Wing Chun is ... to easily practice on a training partner or a wooden dummy Master Wong originally ...


How the Wooden Dummy Can Enhance Your Wing Chun Training ...

Wing chun training masters Eric Oram and William Cheung explain the history of the wooden dummy and how you can use it to improve your reflexes!

Wing Chun WOODEN DUMMY Training - the New "IP MAN" - Mook ...

My New Online School!!! SUBSCRIBE CLICK HERE: Wing Chun WOODEN DUMMY Training - the New "IP MAN" - Mook Yan Jong ...

Wing Chun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wing Chun ; Also known as: Wing Chun, Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun, Wing Tsung: Focus: Striking, Trapping: Country of origin China: Creator: Ng Mui (Disputed) Famous practitioners

Kung Fu Techniques Video: Wooden-Dummy Wing Chun Kung Fu ...

In this vintage video footage, wing chun kung fu grandmaster William Cheung demonstrates the wooden dummy as a training tool for kung fu techniques.

wing chun iron dummy training - YouTube

wing chun iron dummy training Subscribe for more videos, click here: For more info on our training please visit our ...

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Sandbag and Teet Da Jau in the foreground. We typically hit the sand bag hanging on the wall. The Teet Da Jau is a Chinese liniment oil that translates roughly to "break fall wine." It help heal your...
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