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Ace Martial Arts Supply WING CHUN DUMMY TOUGH PLASTIC FREESTANDING by Ace Martial Arts Supply

  • Base weight 73kgs (160 lbs) filled with water
  • Made from durable, strong plastic PE material
  • Wooden Color for the body, arms, legs and screws.


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AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong Traditional Ip Man Wooden Dummy with Adjustable Stand - SOLID BODY M003 by AugustaPro

  • Lifetime warranty on dummy body for normal practice use. Two...
  • <p>The <b>SOLID</b> Elmwood Body is of 57" in Height; 8" in...
  • Frame Height 63" Width 55" with three position to adjust the height...


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AugustaPro Wing Chun Dummy - Half Sized Metal Dummy by AugustaPro

  • * Half Iron Body is of 21" in Height 6" in diameter
  • * Wooden Dummy arms extend 12.6" from the dummy body;The dummy arms...
  • * Space saver alternative to full Wing Chun Dummy


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AUGUSTAPRO Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun SOLID Wooden Dummy with Suction Cup Base Complimentary Striking Protective Pads DS007 by AugustaPro

  • 5YR warranty on Wooden Dummy body for normal practice use.
  • The Body is of 67" in Height; 8" in diameter. The Wooden Dummy arms...
  • This style of Wooden Dummies come with large metal base with...

WUDETON Traditional Kung Fu Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Protective Pads, Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong, Ip Man Wooden Dummy with Frame (Natural) by WU DE TON

  • Frame height 68" length 31.5" width 55" with three position to...
  • Dummy body 68" in height, 8" in diameter. The wooden dummy arms can...
  • This wooden dummy is made of genuine wood, beautiful and practical....

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