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Traditional Wooden Dummy: Ip Man's Wing Chun System by Samuel Kwok

  • Condition: New
  • ISBN13: 9781933901466
  • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee....

Ace Martial Arts Supply WING CHUN DUMMY TOUGH PLASTIC FREESTANDING by Ace Martial Arts Supply

  • Base weight 73kgs (160 lbs) filled with water
  • Made from durable, strong plastic PE material
  • Wooden Color for the body, arms, legs and screws.


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AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong Traditional Ip Man Wooden Dummy with Adjustable Stand - SOLID BODY M003 by AugustaPro

  • Lifetime warranty on dummy body for normal practice use. Two...
  • <p>The <b>SOLID</b> Elmwood Body is of 57" in Height; 8" in...
  • Frame Height 63" Width 55" with three position to adjust the height...


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AugustaPro Wing Chun Dummy - Half Sized Metal Dummy by AugustaPro

  • * Half Iron Body is of 21" in Height 6" in diameter
  • * Wooden Dummy arms extend 12.6" from the dummy body;The dummy arms...
  • * Space saver alternative to full Wing Chun Dummy


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AUGUSTAPRO Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun SOLID Wooden Dummy with Suction Cup Base Complimentary Striking Protective Pads DS007 by AugustaPro

  • 5YR warranty on Wooden Dummy body for normal practice use.
  • The Body is of 67" in Height; 8" in diameter. The Wooden Dummy arms...
  • This style of Wooden Dummies come with large metal base with...

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