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2013 Fall-winter Issue of Martial Arts Masters Magazine Dvd/cd Set

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    Val Mijailovic - MastersMag
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  • Martial Arts Masters Magazine
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2013 Fall/Winter Issue of MASTERS Magazine Collectors Edition including a 2 hour DVD and a CD PDF of the magazine. Magazine includes: CHUCK MERRIMAN - Wisdom of the Ages DISCOVERING OKINAWAN KARATE - A Journey LI JIAN YU - I Chuan VICTOR KAN - The King of Chi Sao KARAMBIT - The Curved Blade JIM MATHER - A True Gift GEORGE LEE - Letters From The Dragon JERRY MORRONE - Karate ERIN HERMAN - Following The Masters MMA TRAINING FACE-OFF WITH - Tony Annesi COLUMNS KAZOKU by Jerry Figgiani EFFICIENT WARRIOR by Tony Massengill THE JKD EXPERIENCE by Chris Kent KARATE INSIGHT by Rick Brewer FACE OFF WITH Tony Annesi FRAMES DVD Includes: * CHUCK MERRIMAN * ROBERT TEMPLE * TONY ANNESI * RUDY CROSSWELL * SUEYOSHI AKESHI * JERRY MORRONE * USANKF *NIKKEI GAMES