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Yogaeira By Amber Campion: Yoga~Capoeira~Discipline~Play

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Yogaeira is a fusion of Yoga, martial arts, and body work. This practice (Yoga/Capoeira/Discipline/Play) consists of Capoeira technique set within a dynamic and creative Vinyasa flow.

This DVD is designed to challenge you to push your practice to new heights with inversions, arm balances, backbends, and new postures that are signature moves of Yogaeira such as Negativasana and Queda De Rins Asana.


Technique Tutorial: Amber teaches some of the more challenging signature postures and transitions, as well as explain how to properly practice the pranayama she offers in this DVD. Pranayama (breathwork) is offered throughout the flow, helping to release dopamine to enhance mental clarity & focus.

Self Bodywork Techniques: Amber guides you through 3 of her favorite self body work techniques. Body work triggers your parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation response) and releasing serotonin (enhances calmness & improves mood) and endorphins (the body's "natural high" which gives pain relief and pleasure when released).

Capoeira Demonstration

Running time: 60 minutes plus 15 minutes of special features

About the sequence: An athletic flow set to a moderate pace with moments of longer holds. This sequences pace was created to help the practitioners heart rate speed up, building endurance and cardiovascular fitness (capoeira conditioning) with moments of holding for the breath to deepen. It is a strong practice, however you are given options to hold or take more basic versions so you can meet yourself where you are at and build up to the full practice with time. At times you will move 180 or 360 degrees around the mat working on agility and coordination as well as deep listening and focus.