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Learning Capoeira Methodology For Children And Beginners

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Capoeira is the most elaborate martial art of the African Diaspora: a spectacular combination of dance, acrobatic kicks, and evasive maneuvers. Typically played as a game in which two players vie to control space, demonstrate superior mobility, and trick by trip, kick, or head-butt each other to the ground at a moment of vulnerability, Capoiera resembles a combination of acrobatic dance, martial arts sparring, and improvised musical performance.

Teaching such a rich and subtle art as Capoeira to children and beginners requires a very particular approach. With Aritana and Senzala (two eminent Capoeiristas of the famous group Capoeira Brasil) their lessons for children and beginners are founded on their own unique method based on games and discovery in which young Capoeiristas have fun while they learn, and make fast progress without even realizing it! Full of games and exercises, this DVD is the best tool and should be the first reference for any child or beginner willing to enter the ''roda''. Instructors Aritana and Senzala are specialists in Capoeira lessons for children and beginners in Brazil.

LANGUAGES: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese.
EXTRA FEATURES: Interviews, Rodas, Clips, Trailers, Photo gallery.