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Grappling Drills for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    Stephan Kesting
Product Features
  • Lateral Hip Movement, Bridging and Sprawling
  • Most comprehensive DVD on drills
  • Guard and Submission Development
  • Solo and partner drills
  • 83 Drills in 5 Sections
Product Description

Grappling Drills make your workouts more productive.

Grappling movements can be complex and difficult. They use every part of your body, with many things going on at the same time. This can make even fundamental techniques like escapes, submissions, & guard passes tricky to learn.

Mastery of complex movements requires repetition. The drills in this DVD make repetition easy; before you know it you'll have executed hundreds of the most critical and important grappling techniques.

83 Drills in 5 Sections

1. Lateral Hip Movement. How many times have you been told to move your hips in BJJ? Side-to-side hip movement is critical for guard work and escaping bad positions. These are the best drills to develop lateral hip movement

2. Bridging and Sprawling. Forward and back hip movement is just as important as lateral hip movement, but is often overlooked. Turbo-charge your escapes, submissions and throws by making your bridging and sprawling powerful and instinctive

3. Guard Development. The guard is the most complicated position in all of grappling. The drills in this section make instinctive movements that advanced players take for granted

4. Submission Development. Submissions are the most exciting aspect of grappling, but, just like all techniques, require repetition. These methods make repetition fun and easy

5. Other Drills. Improve guard passing, scrambling, mobility on the mats and more. Applicable to both Gi and No-gi Grapplers!

Special Bonus

Order now and receive a free, heavyweight index of all the drills on the DVD. Also included are 6 sample workouts to give you an idea of how to incorporate drilling into your training regimen.

This index is printed on heavy cardstock, suitable for lamination. Now you CAN take it with you!