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BJJ - 5 DVD Instructional Video Set - How to Defeat the Bigger Stronger Opponent with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Series 1, by Emily Kwok and Stephan Kesting. Learn the Techniques, Tricks & Gameplans of a Black Belt World Champion

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Product Features
  • Submissions that work on bigger, stronger people
  • Drill and exercises
  • Pin escapes that work on bigger, heavier opponents
  • Learn strategies and tactics for smaller people
  • Best attacks from your guard
Product Description
This program was specifically created to help smaller grapplers hold their own in both gi and no-gi grappling. It was created by two BJJ blackbelts, Emily and Stephan, who have spent years getting their techniques, concepts and strategies to work against larger grapplers.

This is a condensed look at a world champion's game, and the pieces fit together consistently, easily, and seamlessly.

This program covers lots of super-effective techniques to solve your most commonly encountered grappling problems. But even more importantly, it includes the concepts and strategies behind the techniques, which makes them more instinctive, even more powerful, and much easier to remember!

As you master the material it'll become easier and less intimidating to fight big people. You won't get stuck in horrible positions as often, and you'll have a clear idea of what to do at every stage of a match.

DVD 1: Drills, Gi and No-Gi Gripfighting (1 hour, 39 minutes)

Emily starts by sharing her favorite drills. Warm up your body, build strength and endurance, and create a foundation for the rest of her system with these highly functional sport-specific movements.

In part 2 Emily gives you a detailed what-to-do breakdown of stand-up and ground-based gripfighting. She also shares specific gripfighting strategies and mindsets that have helped her win world titles in both gi and no-gi grappling competitions.

DVD 2: Compensating for Strength (2 hours, 24 minutes)

Not all guard positions keep you safe or are effective when you've facing someone who is much larger and heavier than you. Here Emily shares her favorite guard positions that work well against bigger people, and breaks them down so you'll be able to keep good position and successfully defend guard passing attempts. Plus she teaches you which sweeps work against ALL sizes of opponents.

In part 2 Emily takes you through her bread and butter guard passes that she uses again and again when facing larger opponents. Don't let guard passing turn into a battle of strength; use speed, leverage and timing instead!

In part 3, Emily teaches transitional escapes, sharing with you the strategies and mindset that completely changed her own approach to pin escapes. She also shows you the exact techniques you need to know in order to keep things moving, and to not end up completely flattened and helplessly pinned underneath your opponent.

DVD 3: Top Five Moves (1 hour, 15 minutes)

Every champion has his or her favorite 'go to' moves... In this DVD Emily shares her top 5 submissions, her top 5 guard sweeps, and her top 5 escapes and transitions for dealing with much larger people. Most importantly, she includes the tweaks and details that take 'regular' techniques and change them into 'giant-killer' moves.

Bonus DVD 1: Q & A Session with Emily Kwok (1 hour)

This DVD was filmed during a semi-private Q & A session in which Emily answered questions from white, blue, brown and blackbelts. She shared the tricks and techniques she uses on a daily basis against taller, heavier and much stronger training partners - no matter how 'agro' they are.

Bonus DVD 2: An Introduction to Total Body Stability, by Roy Duquette with Emily Kwok (1 hour)

In this unique bonus DVD, master strength and conditioning coach Roy Duquette puts Emily through a workout from his TBS system. The goal of this system is to strengthen, stabilize and protect the joints and muscles that are most susceptible to injury.