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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructional Videos by Renzo Gracie

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This instructional DVD set is the original Renzo Gracie/Craig Kukuk series that changed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu forever. Originally selling for almost $400 dollars in the VHS version, we have digitally re-mastered this series for DVD. This 11 volume series deals with Sport Jiu-Jitsu and No Holds barred fighting and has hundreds of instructional techniques. Renzo Gracie and Craig Kukuk take you through each technique with clear, concise explanation that made this series a favorite for many learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for self-defense and hard core street fighting. As an added bonus to the instructional material is some of the most brutal bare knuckle style fights from Brazil. These matches were long before the UFC and take place in gyms in Brazil and underground No Holds Barred events (many fights have no gloves). You will see Renzo Gracie himself in his early fights and many other Gracie??€?s crushing their opponents. Renzo and Craig teach tons of moves on this set and often stop in the teaching to show you a real fight were the technique they are teaching was done. This is a MUST have set for any grappler and fan of MMA. This set contains 11 volumes on 3 DVDS. Each DVD has a complete menu with chapter breaks for each technique. Volume 1. Beginning Armlocks Volume 2. Advanced Armlocks Volume 3. Escape from the Bottom Volume 4. Escape from the Headlock Volume 5. The Guard Volume 6. Defending the Mount Volume 7. Beginning Chokes Volume 8. Advanced Chokes Volume 9. The Mounted Position Volume 10. Passing the Guard Volume 11. Takedowns and the Clinch