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RFLX Tactical Training Vol. 1 Takedown Defense

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    RFLX Training
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Product Description
• For Law Enforcement / Military / Security And Anyone Who Needs Tactical Grappling
• A Must For Today’s Professional To Survive Against A Skilled Attacker
• Invaluable for anyone who has a concealed carry permit or carries a firearm
• Sidearm Retention and Deployment
• Highly Detailed And Indexed For Easy Navigation

In this video instructional series, John brings together his unique experiences to teach the most effective wrestling based techniques and concepts for surviving violent attacks. This system is especially important with the rise of Mixed Martial Arts because, chances are, the bad guys have been watching and professionals must know how to defeat a skilled attacker. The first volume in the series deals with defense against someone who is trying to grab you and take you to the ground. Dictating the struggle at this point is critical, especially against a trained opponent. If you can remain standing your chances of winning increase dramatically!


Hip Thrust
Double Leg Defense
Single Leg Defense
Cow Catcher
Whizzer with Head Push
Whizzer with Deadly Force option
Cross Face
Whizzer to Cross Face
Low Single Leg Defense
Low Single Leg Defense with Deadly Force option
Head Tie and Shuck
Front Headlocks
Front Headlock with choke
Sprawl to Ankle Pick
Sprawl to Ankle Pick with Deadly Force option
Front Headlock to Spin Behind
Front Headlock to Cradle
Front Headlock to Shuck
Elbow Spin Control
Double Elbow Pull against Double Leg
Double Elbow Pull against Single Leg

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