Martial Arts Supplies Choy Lay Fut Instructional DVD

Choy Lay Fut Basics (Cai Li Fu Series)

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    Rising Sun Productions
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NEW IMPORT direct from Peoples Republic of China.

In this DVD you will learn all the basic techniques of this International style of Wu Shu which has its origins in the early 19th Century and comes directly from the Shaolin Temple.

Taught by Master Cheng Youngfa who is 5th generation disciple of Chen Xiangong who is the founder of Choi Lee Fut.

If you want to learn authentic Chinese Kung Fu this is the VCD for you. You will not be disappointed and the quality is very high quality and the techniques and knowledge given to you is second to none.

These are the basics the stretching and as well the stances hands kicks and so much more you will be amazed.

55 minutes of rare footage direct form China.