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Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Stand -Solid Wooden Body

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    Yellow Solid Body
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Product Features
  • This wooden dummy is made of genuine wood, not plastic or metal imitation or substitution. Call us old school or whatever, Wooden Dummy should be of wood, period! The moment you lay your hands onto a real wooden dummy, the serenity and motivation can only be experienced to call it real. Even for a novice, practicing bridging on the wooden dummy would feel almost sacred and of great benefits.
  • Frame Height 63" Width 55" with three position to adjust the height of the dummy. The simple rule of thumb for the appropriate height is when the dummy upper arms are at your shoulder height. But our potential components do come in various sizes and build.
  • The SOLID Elmwood Body is of 57" in Height; 8" in diameter. The dummy arms can be adjusted to almost leveled or staggered positions; each arm is of 22" in length.
  • Lifetime warranty on dummy body for normal practice use. Two complimentary striking pads are included.
Product Description
No more waiting for weeks! Our Wooden Dummies normally ARRIVES within 10 business days or less! Lifetime Warranty on Wooden Dummy body, purchase with confidence!