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The Evolution of Wing Chun Kung Fu Kicking Techniques

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This text, thick with history, presents a rarely shown part of the master techniques of Wing Chun style Kung Fu. This is an important and noteworthy text in the Wing Chun canon.

The Evolution of Wing Chun Kung Fu Kicking Techniques is divided into distinct parts. The introductions add background about Wing Chun's lineage, including a very interesting front piece by C. S. Tang, a noted authority. There is much information on who was who in the branch containing Chow Tze Chuen. The intro also includeds an original piece by the author discussing the many controversies within the Wing Chun camp. Here we find a lot of inside stories such as Yip Man's fight with Wong Shun Leung. We also get a glimpse of Yip Man's personality; his charm and humor. This first half of the book takes us through the alleys of Hong Kong with Yip Man's and Wing Chun's slow but continual growth in popularity.

Following is a long section on Wing Chun kicking, including pages showing a correspondence between the dummy form and this style's key kicks. Next, a switch to kicks performed while playing Sticky Hands. The author's teacher, Chan Tak-Kwong then performs the entire series of the "Shortened 13 Legs" set. AFter this comes more combinations and principles.

The author is very firm on the idea (and his teacher's) that the dummy is insufficient to teach real fighting footwork. He offers a discussion on the half-circle defense and placement.

As is traditional, the core of the book is followed by pictures and text on affiliated Wing Chun schools from Australia to Finland.

This is a quality, full color edition on hi-gloss paper. It is oversized measuring 8 1/4 by 11 7/8.