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DOUBLESTAR MR Bruce Lee Commemorative Edition Stylish Slip On Lightweight Parkour Kung fu Martial Arts Skateboard Oxford Men's Training Shoes Pure Action Sport Casual Minimalist Athletic Sneaker

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  • 2.【About The Design Of Shoes】The upper is made of waterproof suede and ventilated canvas. The front edge of the reinforced shoe extends to the two sides of the cover design to provide more wear-resistant protection. The wear-resistant characteristics of the reinforced rubber reinforcement are added to obtain a more perfect protective effect, bringing a more streamlined contour, and breathable cotton material with enhanced sock-fit technology to enhance the function.
  • 4.【About The Special Craft Of The Shoes】Infused with a number of professional functions, using a revolutionary anti-skid and wear-resistant technology, an irregular pattern of vulcanized soles, providing good grip, elasticity and wear resistance, shock absorption. When you exercise, you can really feel the movement of the foot, as well as the ground feeling and the cushioning force is excellent. The force when landing can also be completely released, showing the highest level of shock absorption
  • 1.【About The Soul Of Shoes】These shoes are the exclusive design of DoubleStar MR to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Bruce Lee's death. This shoe design is infused with a strong Chinese style. It is a classic bright yellow that represents Bruce Lee. It is a limited-edition sneaker that is suitable for extreme sports and casual wear such as skateboarding, kung fu, parkour, cycling, etc. With minimalism, we will renew the new trend of the street and form a distinctive youth cultural symbol.
  • 5.【About Our Good Service】100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE:-100% Money Back Guarantee, if there is any problem with the product, you can feel free to contact us, we will offer you money back.
  • 3.【About The Performance Of The Shoes】3D shock-absorbing elastic insole, one-piece ankle-proof model covering double-density foam, which helps to enhance the cushioning of the heel, and combines the lightweight cushioning insole and the foot support to provide more comfortable and breathable wear and flexibility. Feeling of the feet. The heel, the arch and the forefoot are all tailored for better fit, which meets the needs of everyday wear and is also comfortable for high-intensity sports!