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Tiger Claw Black Feiyue High Top Shoes - Size 36

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Product Features
  • Feiyue is China's most popular martial arts shoes; its performance and comfort you can count.
  • Simple, durable canvas lace-up top and a padded yet light sole.
  • Offer exclusively from Tiger Claw.
  • These new Feiyue high top shoes give you more secure fit and ankle support.
Product Description
Finally. Now you can get all the performance and comfort you've come to expect from Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes in a Hi-Top Design. Feiyue is China's most popular martial arts shoe for good reason. Lightweight yet durable construction, now with the secure fit and ankle support of a Hi-Top, these new Feiyue shoes give you more stability and flexibility at an extremely affordable price. A modern shoe for an ancient tradition. Now, come in a Tiger Claw Shoe Bag.