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DOUBLESTAR MR Classic Kung Fu Shoes for Martial Arts Parkour Lightweight Sneaker with Rubber Sole-Blue US 11Men/ US 11.5 Women

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Product Features
  • Classical: Minimalist Woven canvas fabric upper, rubber sole, and cotton lining are lightweight, durable, breathable and flexible. Our Kung Fu shoes are designed specifically for Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong and other martial arts practicing, helping you to perform well in high intensive Kung Fu training.
  • Minimalist style: Abandoned the ordinary Kung Fu shoes' black and white color choices, our shoes are fashionable in an implicit way that can make you stand out!ď‚·Minimalist style: Abandoned the ordinary Kung Fu shoes' black and white color choices, our shoes are fashionable in an implicit way that can make you stand out.
  • Well-fitting shoes: Our Kung Fu shoes have a fairly thin and neutral sole that provides a ground feel for practitioners. The neutral sole and canvas fabric shoes body makes our Kung Fu shoes tight on your feet, preventing them from slipping off while practicing.
  • Non-skid: Vulcanized rubber midsole and flexible nitrile rubber traction outsole is slip-resistant, non-chemical, and oil-resistant, reducing the chance of injury in training.
  • Replacement guaranteed: It is normal to feel tight when you first try on our Kung Fu shoes. They will stretch out a little after putting on for about a week. Replacement is guaranteed if the product is not up to the standard or the size is incorrect.
Product Description
This model is the best choice for beginers who learn Kung Fu, Tai Chi, material art and Paukour trainning.
Antiskid:These canvas shoes with top grade rubber soles are 100% antiskid, which could ensure your safety when trainning.
Lightwight: Less than 300g per shoe. the canvas are breathable, the shoes could help feel every step when practicing.
High Quality: This is the most classical mode of Doublestar, we manufactured and sold thousands of these shoes, so the quality is verified by the market, so is the price.
Ultra 6 Series involes 6 new features of Doublestar sport shoes.You'll enjoy the soft lining and cushioned, memory-foam sole. Outsoles with our technology boast a flexible, lightweight design.
This sporty shoe features accents on the breathable mesh upper as well as on the sole for a fun and distinctive look.

About Doublestar
Doublestar is the earliest shoes manufacturer in China. Our first factory was founded in 1921 at Qingdao, Shandong, China. Over the years, Doublestar became known for making athletic footwear, with the demand of our shoes gone up, Doublestar became our dominate brand, and we are now one of the largest shoe manufacturers in China with more than 40 production lines.

Today, we offer a variety of footwear choices,such as soccer shoes, casual sneaker, walking shoes and Kung Fu shoes.

With our revolutionary rubber processing technology, our shoes are popular among outdoors for the high quality soles.