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dafufeiyue shoes Feiyue 1920 New Improved Classic Kungfu Tai Chi Shaolin Shoes Wushu Temple of China Popular and Comfortable (EU34, White Grey Logo)

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    White Grey Logo
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Product Features
  • Vulcanized rubber Canvas shoes
  • The best choice for martial arts,kung fu,Tai chi,hip-hop, parkour, rock and other fashion young people.
  • Canvas upper,Rubber sole.Cotton lining,Cotton insole.Light weight, comfortable foot,feelinglight flexibility.
  • Vintage Classic look, since from in Shanghai
  • Green recyclable Shoes Paper bag and best quality of all feiyue shoes
Product Description
Brand Story Feiyue originated in Shanghai in the 1920s and are manufactured by a company called DaFu. The shoes are a staple for almost all wushu practitioners and athletes in China with the shoes even being used by numerous shaolin monks and kung fu masters. The shoes are a popular export with numerous foreign martial arts clubs and schools importing them as the standard shoes for their students. History of Feiyue 1920s A cloth shoe is manufactured in China, this was to later evolve into Feiyue years later. In 1958, Da Fu Rubber Company designed and produced a kind of civil Jiefang shoe known as FEIYUE. These were a modification of the cloth shoes used by the Shaolin monks. Now,Fueyue Vintage,Fueyue LO,Fueyue Plain,Fueyue Clounds,Fueyue Soldier,Fueyue Delta, Fueyue Style,Fueyue Kid series are popular in the world. Today,The shoes are continued to be used today in China for general lifestyle & leisure, martial arts,kung fu,tai chi,parkour,free running,boxing,training, running, especially for martial arts and military training and are used by touring Shaolin monks around the world. They are also popular worldwide amongst practitioners of parkour for their light weight, thin sole, and flexibility. Notice to Clients In China,Feiyue shoes has two manufaturer ---- Dafu and Dabowen,Dafu is the brand owner,and the serial no.of Feiyue shoes is 501,the logo is round symbol. As the historical reason,Dabowen just can be use the brand name,and the serial no. is 511,the logo is an triangle symbol.Most people like the Dafu Feiyue,the Shaolin monks and Orlando Bloom,either. As the technical and QC, Dafu Feiyue will better than Dabowen Feiyue, so the price also higher.But we provide all these two shoes to you for choose.