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Boxing Reflex Ball Trainer for Speed & Hand Eye Coordination with Headband, Portable Boxing Punch Ball to Improve Reaction Time, Punching Speed, Accuracy for Training, Boxing, Kickboxing and Fitness

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • THE ULTIMATE BOXING REFLEX BALL TRAINING SET: The only boxing reflex ball training set that includes a weighted easy to target ball, tether and a ez fit headband plus a FREE Bonus, "Boxing Ring Timer" app to maximize your training and track your workout.
  • EZ ADJUSTABLE FIT SIZE FOR ADULTS & KIDS: Since it features a Velcro closure, the speed training boxing ball can be adjusted to accommodate most head sizes. It's the perfect reflex ball for men, women & kids!
  • PRACTICE ANYWHERE - USE AT HOME, THE GYM OR THE OFFICE: Regain your freedom by exercising wherever & whenever you please. Take this compact boxing ball set to the gym, use it at home or take it with you to the office.
  • FUN WORKOUT: How fast can you go? How long can you go? - Test yourself, improve your punch combos, hand eye coordination while getting a FUN cardio workout.
  • IMPROVE YOUR HAND EYE COORDINATION, ACCURACY & SPEED: Designed to help quicken reaction times, improve accuracy & boost punching speeds, our reflex boxing ball cap is a fun easy pick for those looking to sharpen their skills.
Product Description
Looking to improve your reflexes and boxing skills? How about enhance your hand eye coordination, concentration and punching accuracy? Looking for a fun game to play in real life? Maybe also looking for a way to get a nice workout in at your office or home during the day and stay in shape? Whatever the reason may be, KyAm's Boxing Reflex Ball is the tool you need to achieve all those things. Trusted by professional boxers and amateurs alike, KyAm Reflex Boxing Ball is your ticket to take your game to the next level. KyAm's Boxing Reflex Ball has the following features: - Adjustable and comfortable headband, will fit Men, Women and Children - Heavier Ball that is easier to hit, keep a rhythm, and improve your punching reflexes - Adjustable chord to adjust length of boxing ball, adjust to make it harder or easier to hit. - FREE BOXING TIMER APP. Time your training like a boxing pro. Use the KyAm' Boxing Reflex ball daily and you will see & feel how much better your punching timing, speed and accuracy will be. Get Fit While Having Fun! Who said working out has to be boring and uninspired? Add KyAm's Boxing Reflex Ball trainer to your workout tools. 100% Risk-Free Purchase! Knowing that KyAm Boxing Reflex Ball is covered with our FULL money-back guarantee, there is absolutely nothing holding you back from making it yours today and improving your concentration and punch accuracy! What Are You Still Waiting For? Scroll Up And Click 'Add To Cart' NOW!