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Butterfly Knife Trainer Practice Balisong Rainbow Steel Unsharpened Knife - Grand Way K08

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    Grand Way
Product Features
  • KNIFE TRAINER TOOL is simple, easy to handle, accessible & safe, suitable for beginners and children.
  • CURVED SKELETON CONSTRUCTION BLADE: cut-outs reduce the weight and improve the balanced movements when twirling it.
  • SAFE BLUNT & DULL BLADE cannot be sharpened due to design; practice without any cuts and injuries.
  • STAINLESS STEEL: excellent corrosion & treatment resistance, long-term operation, high durability.
  • RAINBOW METAL STEEL FOLDING BLADE BALISONG to enhance your flipping skills while everyday practicing.
Product Description

GrandWay balisong knife K 08 is a good choice for flipping practice or learning tricks which could be made by such a butterfly knife.

The dull blade has clip point shape with perforated oval holes on the back side forming the serrated edge for weight lightening.
It is performed in bright and rainbow colors resistant to fading but handle is designed with a greater share of green shades.

This trainer butterfly knife looks great with the skillful rotation of the hand. K08 model comfortably lies in your hand and opens up literally in a fraction of seconds. Handle design is skeletonized and divided into two parts ended with a durable tail latch for holding the knife open, or securely locking it closed. Such butterflies are not too heavy, feel great in hands and would not slip.

This trainer tool is a guarantee of absolute safety training both for you and others as dull-edged blade is unsharpened to prevent cuts, hurts or any bruises.

The knife is very compact and convenient to carry in your pocket, bag or backpack. Its unusual appearance makes this knife memorable, and the unusual color reduces the possibility of its loss.

The all-metal construction of the handle, the simple and reliable locking mechanism, the overall fit of all parts and optimal size make this butterfly balisong an excellent choice, gift or present for knife lovers of this type.

BLADE LENGTH: 95MM (3,74")
HANDLE LENGTH: 135ММ (5,31")

GRAND WAY is engaged in production and development of knife projects (folding, hunting, tactical, souvenir, etc., with more than 1000 species.) under its own brand for over 15 years. Our goal is to bring together all the best, devised and tested over the years in the knife industry.