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The Bandit Knife: Kung Fu's Rebellious Weapon ~Book and DVD

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    PLUM Publishers
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Product Features
  • On site back-up material
  • Rarely seen applications
  • Detailed notes on the weapon and its background
  • Authentic Kung Fu,
  • Breakdown of the Bandit Knife form
Product Description
The Bandit Knife is an ancient weapon of Kung Fu. It is fast, exciting, and a wonderful, traditional performance weapon.

Ted Mancuso, the author, with more than forty years experience, uses this book, profusely illustrated with over 100 photos, to teach this Shaolin form, its usage, and the ancient skills associated with it. On another level, he explores the core of Kung Fu training, giving examples from history, his own teaching, practical application and more. He even shows how this weapon form can easily by transformed using a staff or a more familiar instrument.

This book is unusual in that it goes beyond most martial arts texts; for instance, there are tips on learning Kung Fu and what it looks like from the teacher's side. He also delves into the nature of weapons in Kung fu, both personal and on the battlefield. Finally, Mancuso addresses a lot of questions and concerns about the martial journey and getting the most out of it.

The book includes a Shaolin form with the Bandit Knife, illustrated applications of this weapon fighting a spear, a section on stance work with weapons, grips, rolls, and tips on learning forms in general.

The newly released DVD that is now part of this complete package adds a complete form breakdown with closeups, Striking routines and skills, grips, hand and foot details...all geared toward enabling any student to practice with a weapon and perform this classical set.

Practice the weapon. Learn the form. Spar with the applications. Each move will show you a new view of this ageless art.