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Heavy Duty Wushu Double Sided Halberd Martial Arts Equipment Wushu long Weapon

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    everything wushu
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Product Description
Description: This weapon is unique weapon only made by us, you can't find it in other places.
This weapon is multi-useful as weapons, you can use it as double sided halberd or a steel monkey king staff/wushu stick or short sticks/defense sticks and etc.. very useful!
As you see the there are 3 pieces of the shaft connected by the inside threads, and you can connect 2-pieces or 3-pieces together as you wish when you use it for weapons according to your height.
So, individually speaking, this weapon is very good as a long weapon/halberd or 1-piece short stick or 2-pieces staff or 3-pieces staff/monkey king staff and etc.

Weight: The weight of halberd head is 2.5kg, and the head is made from hand forged mirro-polished 2cr13 stainless steel fitted with dragon design made from brass.
The blade is not sharpened!
The the whole shaft is 10kg, and the shaft is made from 304 stainless steel, and the shaft is massive/solid, not hollow!

So, total weight for this weapon is 12.5kg

Specification: The whole length 230cm(not including the short cap/plag), and the length of halberd head is 65cm.
The length of the whole shaft is 180cm(as you see there are 3 pieces combined together, the length is 60cm each piece). The diameter of shaft is 3cm.

The carry bag is included, Free!!!