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TMAS Graphite Kama Set: Blue

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Comes with either Black or Red Felt Lining
  • Strong Nylon Kama Case
  • 12" graphite-coated handle
  • Used for kobudo weapon competition training
  • Light weight graphite kama
Product Description
The Graphite Kama Set includes the following items:
  • Our light weight Graphite Competition Kama's are great for weapon competition and Kobudo training. This light weight kama features a 6 1/2" chrome protected pierced blade with a 12" shimmer finished handle. The un-sharpened Graphite Competition Kama's come with leather lanyards. Sold as a pair.
  • The TMAS Black Nylon Kama Carry Case comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and is double stitched for durability. Our Nylon Kama Carry Case can accommodate two average width Kama with a maximum 17" handle and a 8" blade.