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Handmade Sword Wooden Scabbard 1045 Carbon Steel Japanese Samurai Wakizashi Swords - Warrior Red Tsuka

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Warrior Red Tsuka
  • Manufacturer:
    Handmade Sword
  • Model:
Product Features
  • 1045 fully handmade quality Japanese samurai sword
  • ODA full tang, sharp edge and functional
  • Wooden handle wrapped with ray skin and black cotton cord
  • Approx 21 blade 9.5 handle and overall 32
  • Black piano lacquered wood red
Product Description
Blade: Carbon steel, heat tempered, edge: Sharp, ham on: Prominent real ham on, hi(blood groove): Long hi on each side, tsuka(handle): Genuine ray skin wrapped with red into and ornamented with menuki (ornament), saya: Black piano lacquered wood with red sageo, tang: Full tang with 2 mekugi(peg), tsuba: Oda no Bunaga tsuba, condition: Brand new and can be fully disassembled and assembled blade length: 20.5 Handle length: 9.3 Saya length: 23.4 Overall length(with saya): 32.9 Weight(with saya): 2 Lb. 2 oz. weight(without saya): 1 Lb. 12 oz.