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Makoto Handmade Sharp Japanese Katana Samurai Sword 42" Full Size Black - Detailed Dragon Head Handle (White Handle)

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Including black cotton sword bag for carrying and protection.
  • This highlander sword has been hand forged from 1045 high carbon steel. The sword has a universal hardness throughout the blade. The Kissake is well defined with an aesthetic hamon down the length of the blade. The top of the blade features a Bo-Hi (blood groove), to lower the weight and give audible feedback when the sword is swung.
  • The Saya (scabbard) is wooden with a black high gloss piano finish. The sword comes with detailed golden dragon tsuba and fittings.
  • Overall Length: 42". Blade Length: 28"
  • Battle Ready! The blade is full tang, razor sharp, and fully funcitonal.
Product Description
This sword is made with a hand-forged, 1045 high carbon steel blade and authentically detailed faux ivory handle. It comes with wooden scabbard, black lacquered with gold color fittings.