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BladesUSA YK-58BF4 Katana Samurai Sword Set 3 Piece 40-Inch Overall

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  • Manufacturer:
    Dreme Corp
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Product Features
  • Country of origin: China
  • Brand name: miscellaneous
  • Category name: swords-daggers-replicas
Product Description
Includes a 36 7/8" overall Katana with 26 1/8" blade, a 27 7/8" overall wakizashi with 18 1/4" blade, and an 18 1/8" overall tanto with 10 3/8" blade. Swords feature sharpened steel blades with simulated Temper line, black and gold cord wrapped handle and black silver finish cast metal tsuba and pommel. Black composition scabbard. Black finish wood display stand.