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Japanese Katana Sword, Auway Handforged 9260 Spring Steel Katana Samurai Sword Red Baked Finish Blade with Wooden Scabbard

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  • Color:
    Red Baked Finish
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Product Features
  • This Katana is 100% Pure Hand Forged and Hand Sharpened to Create a Perfect Blade. Auway Sword is Made in LongQuan, China Where Has a 2600-Years History of Manufacturing Sword; Completely Handmade Sword with Stunning Workmanship
  • The Blade Comes with a Full Length Tang Which Greatly Enhances the Strength of the Sword; The Blade is Made of 9260 Spring Steel with Red Baked Finish; and the Blade is 55HRC Strong Enough to Cut Through a Bamboo Tree with a Single Strike yet Sharp Enough to Slice Paper
  • This is a Sharpened and Truly Battle Ready Samurai Sword. This Beautiful Samurai Sword is Also Great for Collection or to Present to Your Friend. Don't Miss Such a Chance to Show up in Front of Your Friends
  • The Scabbard is Made of High Quality Wood; the Tsuba (guard) is Made of Alloy with a Fine and Exquisite Engraving; the Habaki (Blade Collar) is One Piece Brass Construction and Secured by Two Sepias (Spacer); The Tsuka (Handle) Core is Wooden and it is Tightly Wrapped over IMITATION Ray Skin and Black Cotton Cord; the Tang of the Sword is Secured by Two Mekugi (Peg) and Two Copper Menuki (Ornament) are on Each Side of the Tsuka
  • This Katana is Made in Long Quan, China, an Old Town Known by it's Sword Manufacture; Overall Length: 40in; Weight: 2.4Lb