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BadAss Cane Self Defense/Martial Arts (natural, 36 inches)

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Product Details
  • Color:
  • Manufacturer:
    KW Chop
Product Features
  • hickory
  • martial arts weapon
  • self defense
  • cane
Product Description
The BadAss Cane - a strong, 36 inch long, 3/4 inch thick hickory cane that's been modified for better use as a weapon. The crook has been cut down, the hand grip has been extended, and a heavyweight ferrule is placed on the bottom. There is nothing that will keep this cane from going through metal detectors or keep it from qualifying as a necessary disabled appliance. The BadAss Cane is a great combat cane that works for regular street. It's cool looking, feels good with a bit of padding in the handle so it's comfortable when you're walking around. Plus, you can be your own cane fu master even if you need a little extra support! All canes are custom hand made to order. We can accommodate simple requests for customization, just ask!