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Sticks.1 Workout DVD

Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    Silvernail Studios
  • Format:
Product Features
  • High energy floor cardio workout
  • Use cardio-style light sticks (like Zumba sticks) or wrap your own dowels at home
  • Original music
  • Combat-style cardio workout with sticks
  • 3 workouts in one - original workout plus 2 'mini-mixes'
Product Description
Sticks.1 is 50 minutes of intermediate to advanced, non-stop combat style cardio. The workout features 3 separate 'combos'. Choose the workout as-is, or try one of the two shorter 'mini-mixes' offered. Cardio sticks (or bars) are available at fitness stores or you can wrap your own dowels with black tape at home (18 inch wrapped dowels weighing about 1/2 pound are featured in the workout). Sample video clips available on YouTube.