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Light Sticks\Glow Sticks, 6 Inch Long, 12 Hour Duration, Green (12-pack)

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    Glow Mind
Product Features
  • A MUST HAVE ITEM FOR YOUR SURVIVAL OR FIRST AID KIT - The fact no batteries are required makes these premium light sticks a great alternative light source you can use in an instant. Then enjoy a full 12 hours of light from each stick. That is 50% more than the regular 8 hours light sticks out there
  • LANYARD HOLE AT TOP lets you attach to shoe string or hang on wall, tree, lamp or anywhere else you want a delightful decoration. These make an awesome gift for any friend, family, or co-worker.
  • STORE & USE FOR UP TO 3 to 4 YEARS. These are the long lasting glowsticks that can be stored for fun or emergency. Light may be somewhat less powerful after several years. Each stick individually wrapped in foil. Safe chemical reaction creates soothing light
  • USE FOR EMERGENCIES & NIGHT LIGHTS and many other creative ideas & accessories. Also wonderful for party favors and emergency roadside needs, night power outages, and gas leaks. The green color is brighter and lasts longer than other types of glowsticks. Non-flammable.
  • GLOW STICKS 12 PACK can also create light all night for your party, concert, sports event, or just for fun. They are waterproof and perfect for camping in the dark, hunting, fishing, climbing, scuba diving, and more.
Product Description

LARGEST 12 PACK of PREMIUM GLOWSTICK LIGHT STICKS. These are 6" long and create a lot of light for an impressive 12 hours. They are non-toxic and waterproof which makes them perfect for everything from parties to emergency light to camping and even scuba diving.

TOP QUALITY CONSTRUCTION enable these individually foil wrapped light sticks to last for 3 to 4 years prior to use. These are like a flashlight that never needs batteries. The mini lights have a LED type quality that are very useful for many uses: military, costume, pool, seventeen party, fishing, bike, cars, motorcycle, and camping lamp.

GREEN COLOR is brighter and lasts longer than yellow, blue, red, orange, or pink. These are also longer lasting than most of light sticks on the market.

SAFE CHEMICAL REACTION requires no batteries and can be taken on an airplane, airline, or anywhere else. Can be safely stored in car or truck at extreme temperatures.

BULK PURCHASES ACCEPTED - Many people are purchasing several 12 packs so they have plenty of glow sticks on hand for fun, parties, and emergencies. These also make a much appreciated gift for friends, family members, and co-workers.