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OPRO Mouthguard Custom-Fit Silver Level Gum Shield for Ball, Combat and Stick Sports - 18 Month Dental Warranty (Adult and Kids Sizes)

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Product Features
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION: Suitable for all ball, contact, and combat sports. All OPRO Silver mouth guards come with an extended 18-month $12,500 dental warranty. Suitable for ages up to 10.
  • UNRIVALLED COMFORT: Stretch zones and hi-flow gel materials give you a comfortable, secure fit allowing you to focus on the game.
  • OPRO: We are the Mouthguard of choice for many of the world's leading sports teams and organizations including Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), American Youth Football (AYF), England Rugby Union and League, England Hockey, GB Taekwondo, and many other world renowned sports teams.
  • SUPERIOR CUSTOM FIT: Once the Fins break down in the fitting process, you are left with an amazing custom fit and ultimate retention.
  • EASY FITTING PROCESS: Fitting takes less than 3 minutes and comes complete with easy to follow instructions, or check out the fitting videos on our Amazon Storefront.
Product Description
Introducing the OPRO Silver Mouthguard with Biomaster Protection to kill up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria - The World's Most Advanced Self-Fit Mouthguards, for all contact sports such as Lacrosse, Basketball, Football, MMA, Kickboxing, Rugby, Hockey and Boxing.

Features: Stretch zones allowed OPRO Self-Fit to fit almost any mouth with superior fit and retention.

Protect teeth and soft tissue from front blows to the jaw while keeping the palate clear for ease of breathing and speech.

Ultimate protection for all contact sports with up to $12,500 dental warranty, subject to Terms and Conditions.

Patented Fins - 11 Anatomical Fins in superior hi-flow material shaped and spaced to accurately fit teeth morphology.

Once fitted, these are broken down to give a superior custom fitting mouthguard.

Easy to fit - fitting instructions included in packaging.

Stretch zones allowed OPRO Self-Fit to fit almost any mouth from ages 10 to teenagers to adults with superior fit and retention.

Fitting takes approximately 5 minutes and come complete with easy to fit instruction included in the packaging.

Comes with an Easy to fit- fitting handle and FREE carry case and is also latex free.

Includes Biomaster antimicrobial protection which is proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria by 99.99%.

In addition to our pioneering work in the development of Custom-Fit Mouthguards, for which we were proud to receive the Queen's Award in 2007, OPRO has also developed the revolutionary OPRO Self-Fit mouth guard.

Featuring anatomical patented fin technology, the OPRO Self-Fit provides the best fit, comfort and retention of any self-fit mouthguard.

Please Note: This product is not suitable for fixed brace wearers.

Please search OPRO Braces in our Amazon store.

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