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Aiki Combat Jujits: Cane Techniques

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As the population in the U.S has gotten older there is an increase in learning to use the cane or Don Jong as a self-defense weapon. Many styles of Martial Arts systems have been adding the self-defense applications of the cane to their students due to the very practicality of the weapon and to the fact that it is legal to carry one with you at all times to use effectively for self-defense. The use of a cane as a weapon was formalized by the Korean martial art of Hapkido. Many other martial art systems have used the cane over the last century. Aiki Combat Jujits like Hapkido encompasses countless number of joint locks, throws as well as defection techniques. Because of this students are not training in how to use the cane until they have achieved the upper belts of the system. The First introduction of this weapon is not shown to the students until they reach Black Belt. By this level the student understands and possesses sufficient knowledge of how to make your body move and to correctly understand how to use the cane properly as a defensive weapon. It is very important that students first make sure they understand how to use a cane in basic applications before they move onto more advanced techniques. If the student overlooks the basics then a true mastery of the cane will never be achieved.