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Weightlifting gym Wrist Wraps support for pull ups bench press deadlift exercise pain mens girls elastic neoprene 8 12 18 24 36 inch xs xl brace usa with thumb loop ipf uspa unisex 2 pair red black

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Product Details
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    Dark Iron Fitness
Product Features
  • BUILT TO LAST: our patented leather weightlifting wrist wraps never break, tear, or wear out like inferior wrist wraps made from cotton and bad stitching. Our wrist wraps are made of premium reinforced real leather with enhanced stitching so they never fall apart
  • COMFORTABLE AND SUPPORTIVE: our wrist wraps are stiff and thick enough which creates extreme support but still flexible and soft enough so that it's very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS: We're so confident in the quality of our leather weight lifting wrist wraps, we'll send you a new pair if yours ever fail
  • EASY TO ADJUST AND STAYS IN ONE PLACE: these wrist wraps have two quick velcro adjustment straps made for simple and fast loosening / tightening and once they're tight they're not moving anywhere!
  • VELCRO DOESN'T WEAR OUT: our wrist wraps are made with high endurance velcro straps that never wear out so you'll never have to throw your wrist wraps away just because the velcro wore out like you will with other companies that use cheap velcro for their wrist wraps
Product Description


Enhanced Features:

High Quality Leather

Reinforced Stitching

Ultra Endurance Velcro

Extra Soft Padding

Extreme Support

Tight Locking Hold

Sleek and Cool Look

Unique Benefits:

- Our wrist wraps are made with top quality materials so they never stretch out, break, or tear on you so you can depend on them when you need to the most.

- We made sure to use reinforced stitching when making our wrist wraps so that our wrist wraps always hold together and never fall apart like other companies.

- Our ultra endurance velcro is uniquely designed not to wear out on either side of the velcro but yet is designed to still be able to keep a strong lasting hold.

- The “pillow like padding” used for our weightlifting wrist wraps helps to keep your wrist feeling nice and comfortably cushioned through your intense workouts.

- The extreme support of our leather wrist wraps offers a tight supporting hold so your wrist are completely protected but still flexible enough for comfort and ease of use. Also work great as kettlebell guards for kettle bells

Additional Information:

One Size Fits All Wrist Sizes From 5” - 9”

Hand Washable With Soap and Water

2 Wrist Wraps Per Package

Package Comes With A Left Hand and Right Hand Wrist Wrap

Our Promise To You:

We’re so confident in the quality of our wrist wraps that if they EVER structurally fail we’ll replace them free of charge for your entire life.

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