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Jingshunxiang Traditional S00034 Chinese Beijing Elastic Kungfu Shoes,45

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • cloth upper
  • rubber sole
  • Casual,suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • The best choice for martial arts,kung fu,Tai chi,hip-hop, parkour, rock,wushu and the other fashion young people.
  • Elastic band closure,Slip-on style
Product Description
So far Beijing cloth shoes are traditional shoes with more wearer and longer history than other shoes. According to archaeological discoveries, this type of shoes were worn by knights in Zhou Dynasty 3,000 years ago.
They are one of Chinese favorite shoes. As traditional dress, they are especially suitable for martial artists, monks and taoists.
Beijing cloth shoes have two tranditional styles£º
1: Square toe elastic shoes born in 1860 with convenient£¬comfortable features.
2: Round toe shoes born in 900 B.C with the most primitive simplicity.
Cloth upper
Rubber sole