Martial Arts Supplies Wing Chun Butterfly Knives

Martial Arts Black Polypropylene Plastic Shaolin Wing Chun Traning Knives

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Great for Training And Self Defence Techniques
  • Ideal Replica of the Real Version
  • Made From Polypropylene - Known To be a Unbreakable Material
  • Total Length : 18 Inches
  • Super Low Price for Amazon
Product Description
Baat Jaam Dao Also known as Shaolin Wing Chun Knives made from Polypropylene Material Much stronger & Durable then Wooden or Steel Weapons, Lightweight Yet SturdyTotal Total length is 18 inches. Blade length is 12 Inches. Can be used for Light And Semi Contact Sparring. Polypropelene Is virtually A unbreakable Material Which Makes These Training Weapons The Best Available they have the advantages of being virtually unbreakable and remarkably stiff and cut resistant.