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Butterfly Knife Training Balisong Bundle, Unsharpened Blunt Blade, Lightweight, Beginner Friendly, Includes Multifunction Knife Card & Key Screwdriver by Milk of Narnia

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    Milk of Narnia
Product Features
  • STYLISH BLACK FINISH - Boasting a stylish flat, black finish, these balisong trainers feel smooth and durable, yet won't slip out of your hand when you throw it.
  • ESSENTIAL ADDITIONS - Every butterfly training knife comes with an additional multi-function knife card with versatile tools and a small keychain screwdriver.
  • TRAINING KNIFE - This throwing knife features a blunted, unsharpened blade that makes it safe and easy to handle for beginner and professionals alike.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The Milk of Narnia practice butterfly knife is lightweight, compact and simple to manage, making it easy to store in a pocket, backpack or bag.
  • PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL - Crafted with high-quality stainless steel, our balisong knives feature an ultra-strong structure and design for flipping and throwing.
Product Description

Learn to manipulate a balisong training knife and before you know it you'll have all the skills and abilities you need to train like a professional.

Dull-Edge, Real Training

These black training butterfly knives are crafted with stainless steel and feature a premium finish that make them look stunning in your hand. And because they're lightweight and easy to manage, you can flip, throw, and train with them with improved control and comfort. Better yet, they sport a dull edge to make them safer and easier to use while you're learning how to be a highly-trained knife user.

Practice Support and Useful Tools

We not only want to give you a better, easier-to-use training butterfly knife to use with all your offense, defense, and combatives training, we also want to give you additional tools to make your daily life easier. That's why we've also included a versatile multifunction knife card that can be used to open bottlers, saw sticks, measure distances, and more; as well as a small, keychain screwdriver that supports all your home or office DIY projects.

Product Details:

  • Stainless Steel Balisong
  • Blunt Training Tip
  • Color: Black
  • Total Length: 8.8"
  • Blade Length: 3.8"
  • Lightweight, Compact

Order Includes:

  • Butterfly Knife
  • Multifunction Knife Card
  • Key Screwdriver
  • Knife Pouch

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