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Perfection Is the Truth

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    Beijing Imports
Product Features
  • Ergonomics Power, Gain 15% more power in 10 sec, Opening Horse, Stable & Unstable, Traditional or Dancing, Dim So, One finger Palm, Tiger Claw & Bring the Horse Home, Phoenix Retreat, Monkey Spinning Arm Lock, Pole vs. Samurai, Butterfly Knives vs. Samurai, Hung Gar vs. Choy Lay Fut, Hung Gar vs. Wing Chun
Product Description
This video is for Martial Artists who are in search of Perfection. Long before the existence of Tai Chi, WuShu, Karate, TKD and MMA, there was only True Traditional Kung Fu (TKF). Nelson Chin from Tit Kiu Sam Hung Gar lineage is the first and only Si Fu who has documented through video and book the long lost concept of Ergonomics Power that no one has talked about for the last 60 years. The basic of Traditional Kung Fu make perfection, and Perfection is the Truth.