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Yiquan and the nature of energy (Volume 1)

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(English version) Yiquan and the Nature of Energy is more than just a Chi Kong practice guide. It is a one way journey towards an illuminated journey, the perfection of one self. First opus of a series related to the Nature of Energy, Yiquan is the first step towards an understanding and the unlimited accomplishment, an auto transforming way that could lead to changing your own world. Yiquan and the Nature of Energy is an access to the 'empty force', but also a way to re-integrate oneself, all those essential forces, such as health, vitality and longevity. Relaxing and sooth, and accesible by all, without any limit of age, it will drive you towards a better-being that will sooth and transcend. Sifu Fong Ha explains to us his spitirual experience with simple words and accesseible to all, the only requirements being willingness to be fully alive and happy. By Sifu Fong Ha (new edition 1991)