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Wudang Taiyi Martial Arts Wudang Taiyi Five Element Fist by zhang jianping DVD

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Wudang Taiyi Five-Element Fist is one of the secret routines in Wudang Sect. Mr. Zhang Jianping learned this routine in his youth from a recluse Taoist surnamed Liu from Wudang. Fifty years later, when Mr. Zhang was in his seventies, he publicized it. This routine is on the basis of generating and overcoming among Five Elements. It aims at cultivating breath, keeping healthy and self-defense. Its practice requires the emphasis on consciousness rather than strength. It highlights the combination of fist and breath, toughness and tenderness, motion and tranquility, mind and idea. Your body and mind will benefit from the long-term practice of it.

Lecturer: zhang jianping
Format: DVD
Language Speaking: Chinese
Subtitle: English/Chinese