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Xing Yi Quan Tu Na Si Ba: The Four Breathing Forms of Master Li Gui Chang

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Tu Na Si Ba - The "Secret" Breathing Methods of Xing Yi Quan

Chinese-English Edition with link to online video of Tu Na Si Ba
performed by Master Song Zhi Yong

In Northern China and in Shanxi Province, the purported birthplace ofXing Yi Quan, Master Li Gui Chang is a legendary figure in the world of martial arts. Few practitioners have approached Master Li's achievements in Tai Ji Quan and Xing Yi Quan. Li studied Xing Yi Quan and Ba Gua Zhang with the great Dong Xiu Sheng and Tai Ji Quan with Liu Dong Han.

Li Gui Chang's expression of Xing Yi Quan is sometimes referred to as the Xing Yi "Body Method", because of its emphasis on subtle internal body actions and internally sensing Qi and Jin. Hence, it is completely congruent with Daoist Yang Sheng (nourishing life) practices.

In this unique book, Song Zhi Yong, a senior disciple of Li Gui Chang, reveals the formerly "secret" foundational training which is the key to Master Li's Xing Yi Quan:    

  •     Tu Na Si Ba (Four Essential Breathing Forms)
  •     San Ti Shi (Three Body Posture Training).
Tu Na Si Ba was traditionally only taught to senior disciples, and has never before been written about in English or Chinese. Tu Na literally means "spit out" (Tu) and "receive" or "accept" (Na). In both martial and Daoist practices, Tu Na refers to breathing exercises associated with self-cultivation.

When practicing the gentle, slow movements of Tu Na Si Ba, one effectively "breathes out the old and takes in the new" (Tu Gu Na Xing). This combination of inner-directed movement and breathing builds up Qi in the body, while simultaneously strengthening the tendons and bones. Every aspect of Tu Na Si Ba directly connects to the spirit, internal mechanics and martial techniques of Xing Yi Quan. The practice of Tu Na Si Ba is particularly critical to understanding and developing skill in San Ti Shi and Pi Quan (Splitting Fist), the core practices of Xing Yi Quan.

The final section of this book presents San Ti Shi, the fixed standing (Zhan Zhuang) practice unique to Xing Yi Quan. One of the key training methods, but perhaps the least understood, the practice of San Ti Shi allows one to actualize the body's intrinsic, instinctual energy and to connect with the Original Spirit (Yuan Shen).

In the text, verbal instructions are deliberately minimal. In this way, the text adheres to the true teaching. When Song Zhi Yong teaches, he does not tell the student what he feels, but instead asks each individual student what they feel and then makes corrections accordingly. Therefore, we have only included the verbal instructions that Song Zhi Yong actually gives to his students when teaching them San Ti Shi and Tu Na Si Ba. The more than 450 photos by Master Song's disciple, Valerie Ghent, clearly illustrate details of the exercises.

This book covers only the key internal development exercises of Li Gui Chang's Xing Yi Quan: Tu Na Si Ba and San Ti Shi. It is not intended to be a complete manual on the art of Xing Yi Quan. Video footage of Song Zhi Yong performing Tu Na Si Ba is posted online. The link to the video is accessible from within the book. Explanation of the internal dynamics of the exercises are not discussed in the video, but can be found within the book.